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YouTube Downloader

YouTube video downloader

Do you want to download YouTube video? are you looking for software which can help you download video from streaming media? Then you are at right place with the help of vidmate application you can download the latest audio and video file from YouTube channel.

Popular streaming media

YouTube is very popular site among people. It is all about videos. People keep on uploading videos to this site. the videos on this site are viewed and shared by millions of people. The first video on this site was shared in the year 2005. Since then billions of videos have been uploaded and shared to this site. Videos relating to diverse content are uploaded to this site. This site not only we allow the user to view videos but also allow the user to download these videos. Some of these videos can be downloaded directly from the YouTube site or app. But for most of the videos the user need to use some third party app or software or website for the purpose of downloading video.

Third party tools for video download

Vidmate apk YouTube video downloader is one such app which is used by people for the purpose of downloading videos from YouTube. It is a third party app. This app is free to download and install. This app can be downloaded from Google play store by the user. The user can even download this app by searching about this app in the browser. The user can download unlimited videos by using this app. This app is completely safe and secure to download and install. This app will not harm the device in which it has been installed. Since the app is free the user will see some ads in the app. Overall this is a very simple, easy and helpful app.

Download unlimited videos

For the purpose of downloading videos the user need to copy and paste the link of the video that the user want to download into the app. Once the user has entered the link of the video, the app will ask the user about the format of the video in which the user want to download the video. The user can select from a variety of formats. For the convenience of user a list of formats have been given in the app. The user can even download videos from other sites by using this app.

Unlimited videos can be downloaded by the user by using vidmate apk. It is a fast and easy way to download videos. The user can download a number of videos relating to different qualities by using this app.